Holy Smokes

Big tobacco got you in a jam?

We all know that tobacco isn’t exactly up there next to green juice and coconut oil when it comes to health recommendations… so I’m not saying go out and buy a pack of Marlboro Red’s, instead why not try a more herbal approach?

I first came across Holy Smokes during my daily dose of Casey Neistat (if you don’t know who he is then I’m surprised you know about us). He received a package in one of his mail time vlogs with a few packs of smokes in it, of course, Casey doesn’t smoke but I couldn’t help but become intrigued, so I got in touch with Gabriel and a few weeks later they turned up on my doorstep.

Picture the scene (this will help): you’re deep into one of California’s many deserts, the full moon filling the sky and lighting a path farther into the wilderness. The only noise audible is that of crickets in the distance, now you think to yourself now is the time to settle down and achieve a blissful calm… Reaching into your canvas bag you grab hold of a tube of pre-rolled Inka Pinka blend cigarettes. You open the tube, pull out a single roll-up and in the quiet of the wild you can pick out each individual herb:

  • Incayuyo
  • Pink Rose
  • German ChamomileHoly Smokes
  • Linden Flower

It is in this moment that you discover the ritual of smoking, passed down through generations. A match is struck and the roll-up is lit, you take your first deep inhale of the natural fusion and almost immediately you are struck by a sense of awe – never before have you been able to truly live in the moment but somehow on this night, with nature providing her own light, you are able to appreciate every sensation your body discovers one by one.

Back to reality, I’ve tried two Holy Smokes blends: Inka Pinka and Focus Pocus. I’ll be honest, I definitely preferred Inka Pinka as it provided relaxed, subtle notes with hinted flavors coming and going as each breath was taken. That’s no to say that the latter isn’t flavorful, it most definitely is… however it’s a different taste – more minty due to peppermint being blended in there.1

Inka Pinka

I’m not much of a cigarette aficionado, my regular choice goes between Marlboro Menthols and Ice Blast (not the classiest of varieties I assure you) but before I got myself into menthols I did enjoy very full-bodied cigarettes not long prior. Holy Smokes shouldn’t be confused with regular, nicotine containing cigarettes, because quite simply they aren’t. In a league of their own, they’re for special occasions where you want nothing more than to have a beer next to you and a roll-up in your hand as you watch the sunset or feel a cool breeze as the moon fills the sky.

If you draw anything from my ramblings today it should be that Holy Smokes should be tried, respected and loved for they are truly hand-rolled blends of calm.


1these statements are for educational purposes only + have not been evaluated by the Food + Drug Administration. this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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