Diet Challenge Update

It’s time to lose.

After a lot of work we are finally ready to reveal the results of the AGM Magazine weight loss challenge.

After a huge heap of work over many months we are finally ready to announce the results of the AGM Magazine weight loss challenge.  We tried out a bunch of different diets and finally came to a conclusion on the best option for you to try this year to lose those extra pounds gained over pride season.

We’ll be releasing the results over the course of two weeks where we’ll go in-depth through the details of each diet and why it might have benefits for you: for your weight and overall health.

The main four diets we followed were:

  • The New You Plan
  • The Exante Diet
  • The Ketogenic Diet
  • The Manna Plan

Although we looked at a wide variety of different diets, we have decided that these four provide the best chance of success.  Of course, there will still be coverage of the other diets but that will be after we’ve finally revealed the winner of our weight loss challenge.

We’ll be delivering push notifications for this review piece so stay tuned for those.  It’s out first time trying out push notifications but if you are an email newsletter subscriber and you’ve ticked the push notification box then you’ll get them through (provided you are a Mac Yosemite or above user).

I should mention that although we will be publishing our views on each diet plan, this is no alternative to your Doctor’s advice.  When embarking on a new diet or weight loss regime you should always consult your Doctor and make sure that the diet is suitable for you.

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