Unfinished Business

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2 Acting

2 Plot

2 Comedy

Get Ready To Cringe

Goodness Gracious Me

As far as business trips go this is certainly one of the more memorable, and there’s not a team-building exercise in sight. Unfortunately, given this is a movie, this is one you’ll forget (or at least want to) from the moment the credits roll.

Vince Vaughn (Delivery Man) stars as American dreamer Dan Trunkman who decides to team up with Tom Wilkinson’s (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) Timothy McWinters and Dave Franco’s (21 Jump Street) Mike Pancake (whose surname is the subject of many a gag in this calamity) as they try to secure a business deal. This is as close to a plot summary as you’re going to get – even after watching the movie.

To compound an incoherent plot and narrative, as if that wasn’t sinful enough, the performances from UB‘s three ‘leading’ men are monumentally disappointing. This is particularly true of Tom Wilkinson, an established British actor, who really should’ve known better and the audience is left wondering what nasty bill these actors had to clear that they agreed to do this project.

Unfinished Business is a brash, laddish, rough around the edges comedy that relies on nothing more than a screenplay written on the back of a matchbox and throwaway offensiveness. Just when will they learn that blind profanity and crudity is simply not enough to make us laugh anymore?

Here’s a clip from the movie

Unfinished Business is released on DVD on July 13th and is available now on Digital HD.

You can pre-order now on Amazon.

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