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Everyone needs some luxury…

Smartphone and notebook sleeves all have one thing in common: they’re all made in massive bulk abroad – but something is changing.

RichWorks make all of their sleeves, to order, in the USA and although it may seem a little crazy on the profit front, that’s not the aim… quality is.  I’ve had the delight of using one of their MacBook Pro sleeves for the past few weeks and it’s been beyond amazing.  The Nylon exterior has kept my notebook looking brand new, alongside the Microsuede lining which has held at bay any scratches that would’ve otherwise emerged.

RichWorks isn’t just about exceptionally high-quality products though, it’s about a change for the better.  Bringing manufacturing back to the States is the right thing to do, socially and for the economy, and that’s precisely what they’re doing.  You can tell as soon as you get your sleeve in the mail that there is a passion used to hand craft each and every product, to a step above perfection.

You know that everything is hand-made when you have the option to change the smallest of details; from the interior microsuede, to the color of stitching used to hold everything together.  It really is a dream to know your notebook is held safe in something crafted with care and skill – and at $45 for a MacBook Pro sleeve, it’s luxury everyone can afford.

Evan Rich, we have no option but to award you the mark of AGM™ excellence.  Congratulations.

As always, more information can be found here.

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