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Leather, simplified.

It’s time to call to an end your search for a handmade leather Macbook Air sleeve – Joli Originals have got you covered…literally.

From Amsterdam comes Joli Originals, a small leather crafters run by just two people: Harold and Jolien, who have a passion for working with premium leather.  I could talk about the people behind the leather all day, but I’m here to talk about their Macbook Air Sleeve…so, back to that.

Joli OriginalsMade out of Italian leather and 100% wool Dutch-made felt, the Joli sleeve is certainly not a low-end form of protection – and its price tag reflects that at €89 before tax (around $134 Canadian).  Right from the first feel of the sleeve it’s obvious that its makers have a rare, undying fervor for their craft.  Although I’ve tried out literally hundreds of sleeves and cases for Mac devices, none come even slightly close to the level of quality and craftsmanship observed with Joli sleeves, and it’s refreshing.

Thinking about it now, a passion is something that is constantly on your mind – it’s more of an obsession… for perfection, in this case.  I’m the Editor in Chief here at AGM, and as well as that I’m also Creative Director at FAR Interactive (a British-Canadian design agency) and in my time as both I’ve come to have a passion for both crafts: writing and designing.  Without that passion I wouldn’t have the care to ensure that all my writing is as perfect as it can be, and all my designs are as flaw-free too – that is the passion I see in Joli Originals.  Harold and Jolien obviously have a care for leather crafting far beyond that of any multi-national corporation, and it’s in that passion that perfection is achieved.

I’ve really tested the Joli sleeve to a high degree, and physically felt and looked at it (as strange as it may sound) and I can’t find a single fault.  I’ve also looked at some other reviews and they mention the fact that it’s a sleeve as negative, due to a lack of holes for charging and connecting to a screen.  As far as I’m concerned, a sleeve is a sleeve and should be used as just that.  If you need something to protect your Macbook Air from a drop onto concrete from 10ft up then go and buy a super ultra-deluxe, carbon fiber coated case…but if you want premium design, crafted with care to perfection then go and get a Joli Originals sleeve.

More information can be found here.

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  • Sébastien Cloutier says:

    This is a brilliant review guys. I’d like to specifically compliment the photography used by your team in this instance, it makes it really easy to see how you would use the sleeve and how snugly the Macbook Air fits.

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