Qwstion Weekender

Weekends just got even better.

We all go on the occasional long-weekend vacation or dreaded business trip; the long wait to check-in, the boredom that strikes in the departure lounge, and the ever-present crying baby in economy.  The whole process is such a drag, but at least one part can be handled with ease: luggage.

The Weekender from Qwstion, although small from the outside, certainly packs a punch when filled to the brim, ready to board.  On a recent trip to London (England that is, no poutine to be found here) I couldn’t help but think that a backpack just wasn’t going to cut it.  Once I’d filled it to bursting point just by adding a pair of shoes and some jeans, I gave up and got out the Weekender.  Three days’ worth of clothes, a MacBook Pro, an iPad and a variety of watches later and I still had space for the new copy of GT, picked up on the way home.

The Qwstion WeekenderIt’s obvious that Qwstion have put in a serious amount of work when constructing the Weekender.  Every pocket, compartment and pouch has a use – even down to the bottle holder (conveniently placed at the front).  You’ll be confident that your things will be protected too as nearly all of the pockets are zipped sealed – especially useful when I was carrying what must’ve been around ten watches with me.  Don’t be fooled by those frequent business fliers, a suitcase with wheels and a bulky plastic exterior isn’t always the answer.  The Weekender is made with soft, durable cotton canvas – the perfect material for travel as it changes shape and size to fit in the carry-on size guide (EasyJet fliers, lookout).

After experiencing a variety of Qwstion bags, my conclusion is always the same: unparalleled quality.  I’ve never had to stop to check if zips are still closed, because they remain that way, and I’ve never had to pack in a specific way around the bags – they shape around their contents.  Then when you add to all the features of the Weekender, metal detailing and leather patches on straps, it’s a no-brainer.

Design perfection doesn’t come easily, but Qwstion have earned it.

More information can be found here.

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